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All of our spa treatments are suitable for both women and men.


Hanko All In 95 Face Treatment 50 min

Classic facial where the treatment and result are based on your specific skin condition. Your aesthetician will carefully select products that meet your needs. The treatment includes: welcome ritual, cleansing, skin analysis, vitality check, compress techniques, effective touch face massage, mask, finishing products and goodbye ritual.

Hanko Bliss Top-to-Toe 160 Face & Body 90 min

The treatment starts with a full body creamy and nourishing exfoliation. The skin stimulates and gets a silky softness. Followed by an intensive treatment for the back that takes care of the tense and tired muscles with a relaxing massage and a deep cleansing hot peeling mask. Finally, a quick-fix treatment to the face where the skin is maximized with moisture, and regains its vitality and energy.



Grand Cru - The Rose 80 €
Face Treatment 50 min

The ultimate Grand Cru treatment , where we create a total experience for all five senses. An anti - age treatment in the rose character with scent and extract of damscenaros. Fine lines and wrinkles are reduced and the skin is saturated with moisture and nutrition. Rosy cheeks and velvety skin are promised.

THE Treatment By Sea Creation 250
Face Treatment 80 min

The most exclusive and luxurious treatment with magic from the depth of the ocean. The unique combination of active ingredients consisting of anti-aging Glycocéane GP3 protein, exclusive Caviar Green Algae extract and energetic BABOR Thermophilus. Together they maximize the skins natural functions, providing effective protection against premature aging, and reducing existing signs of aging. The skin will be incomparably smooth and firm with a youthful appearance. The waves of hot stones and cold coral stones make the treatment a unique experience unlike any other.

The ReVersive Glow 180
Facial Treatment 80 min

An intensive treatment that provides new vitality, increased firmness, even skin tone and glow. A pre-anti-age treatment with light textures that takes care of the first signs of aging skin from all directions: Natural aging, environmental aging and emotional stress. The fragrances of the products have been inspired by BABOR's own roses that grow in the owner family's garden. The rose, a symbol of complete beauty along with the active complex provide the skin cells a longer lifetime and raise the entire treatment to a higher level.

The HSR 180 €
Facial Treatment 80 min

The ultimate anti-age treatment that provides a firmer face contour, reduces lines, strengthens and lifts the skin. Active anti-age ingredients work together in rich textures to improve skin elasticity and firmness. The treatment is combined with a special facial massage with a mix of deep and calming movements to reach a lifting result.

The Cure 120
Face Treatment 70 min

Detox treatment with retinol effect for skin in need of regeneration. Increases the skin's renewal process and reduces the first signs of skin aging such as fine lines, loss of elasticity, dryness and pigmentation marks. Detoxes the skin effectively and provides vitamins that strengthens the skin barrier. Provides a rejuvenating effect and the skin regains vitality.

Hangover Fix 45
Quick-Fix Face Treatment 25 min

A well moisturized skin is the foundation of a healthy skin. BABOR’s most unique and beloved product “the ampoule”, gives the skin a super boost of moisture. Smooths out dryness lines and the skin regains its vitality and energy. Suitable for all skin types.

Lift Express 49
Quick-Fix Facial Treatment 25 min

An effective treatment with direct & visible results. Dry lines get evened out, the skin becomes smoother and gets maximum glow. A perfect quick-lift for the party tonight!


Relaxing bath 60 min 65 €

Relaxing bath after a spa treatment 50 €

Cleopatra's honeymilk bath

Lime / Rose / Lavendel / Musk bath

Eifelfango SPA 120 €
Body treatment 60 min

A detox-treatment, that starts with a mineralsaltscrub from head to toe. After that you get a whole body Eifelfango-clay mask, that supports metabolism processes and decreases muscle tensions. You can book a massage of your choice as an extra treatment or finish the treatment with a relaxing bath.

Hanko Breeze 150 €
Body Treatment 60 min

This treatment is like a fresh breeze! The treatment begins with a body massage, which is followed by a spiruline mask for your body. Your face gets an effective quick fix-face treatment including a spiruline mask, that makes your skin moisturized and clean. The treatment finishes with moisturizing Babor's fresh lime products and a spiruline shot.

DIY Spa Ritual 25

“Do It Yourself” treatment. Make your own SPA ritual by upgrading your experience with a SPA kit from BABOR: Gentle Face Peeling, Creamy Body Peeling, Nourishing Face Mask

Me & You in Hanko 150 min 320 € / 2 person

The other one relaxes with a classic massage (90min) and at the same time the other one gets to enjoy a body scrub treatment, which is followed by a back spa massage and a back mask, and a face treatment. After this you both get to enjoy together a relaxing bath, where you can sip sparkling wine and enjoy your time together.


Sports massage is a mix of massage techniques combined with flexibility and specific exercise routines. Our massage therapists are highly skilled and well trained in sports massage and will customize the massage to meet your individual needs.

Hanko Classic Massage 30 min – 55 / 50 min – 75 €/ 90 min – 120


Feet First 45
Foot treatment 25 min

Intensive treatment for tired feet. A refreshing exfoliation softens your feet. A deep relaxing massage and a rich nourishing foot mask revitalize, hydrate and give new energy to your feet.

Hands On 45
Hand treatment 25 min

Intensive treatment for dry hands and nails. Starting with a warm creamy peeling with cranberry that revitalizes tired hands. Followed by a nourishing hand mask rich in evening primrose oil and melon extract. Finishing with a relaxing hand massage that regenerates and cares for your nails and hands.

Pedicure 95 € (109 with nail polish)
Foot treatment 60 min

A perfect pedicure that makes your feet feel brand new! Includes foot cleansing, mineral salt peeling, which removes possible callosity. A warm foot mask that helps the blood cirkulation. Nails are being filed, cuticles are being treated and if you choose to polish your nails you will get the BABOR nail polish with you. A relaxing foot massage in the end that deeply moisturizes and leaves your feet feeling light.

Classic Massage

30min - 55€

50min - 75€

90min - 120€


Lash and Brow Tint & shaping 39 €
Lash and Brow Tint 25
Brow Shaping & Tint 25

Nail Polish (hands or feet) 25 Includes a BABOR nail polish